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If this is your first time renovating, we understand it can be extremely overwhelming if you do not know what to expect.  Remodeling can be very time and life consuming however if you choose the correct company, remodeling can be very painless and also very enjoyable, especially when you know what to expect.

Renovation Can Be A Stressful And Messy Process - Yet when you work with CI Design, we do our best to reduce your stress by educating our clients on what to expect during the construction process, communicating clearly, and working by your side to resolve any challenges we encounter. While each project is unique, here are some tips to help you prepare for you for renovation.

Renovating Impacts Your Living Space - If you are planning a major renovation or losing your only bathroom, you may want to consider an alternate place to stay – whether it’s for the full renovation or just for a few weeks. If we are remodeling your kitchen, you may want to set up a temporary kitchen in another room or plan on eating out more.  We understand that it is not always feasible or convenient to stay with family etc.  We will work with you to allow you to remain in your home even if you lose your one in only bathroom by resetting your toilet each day, replacing the tub as quickly as possible, etc.

Your Part Of The Process - Please make room for us. Clear the rooms being worked on of as many personal items as possible, both to protect them and to create more space for working. At the start of your project, we will be bringing in tools and supplies to do our job as efficiently as possible. We ask that you clear the area that we are working in and we may need you to clear an additional space as well. If you need help doing so, just ask us.

Our crews are very considerate and respectful of your belongings.  Still, we recommend that you store any breakables or especially meaningful belongings that are in or near the area being renovated in a part of the house that is not adjacent to our workspace for safe keeping prior to the renovation.  When the exterior walls of the home are being worked on, the interior walls, shelving, etc. should have all valuables and breakables removed just in case!  We would much rather be safe than sorry.

Parking of Work Vehicles and Trailers – Parking arrangements will need to be discussed.  Is it ok to park in your driveway?  Is street parking allowed during the day or overnight parking of trailers? Are you expecting anyone that requires access to your driveway during our time there?  

Communication - We find that successful projects require lots of clear communication. We will be calling and emailing regularly to check in with you throughout the project. Please let us know if you have a preferred means of communication.  All jobsites have a person in charge at all times that will communicate with you as well on a daily basis and Managers will also be stopping by the jobsite periodically.  Please feel free to contact us at any time as well.

Expect Noise – Tools used to do the best job and to do the job efficiently such as air nail guns, compressors, sanders, saws, hammers, etc. can be noisy. All are disruptive to your usual peaceful existence.

Renovating Makes Dust – You may be surprised at how much dust we make. A fine layer of dust can gather in parts of your home far from construction.  Even when we protect your space, dust often travels throughout your house. While we try to localize our impact on your home and clean up after ourselves every day, your house will most likely not be as clean as it normally is. Covering floors and setting up tarps won’t be enough to keep the place clean. Those microscopic particles will become airborne, and they will attach to everything. The good news is that the dust does not last very long.

Expect that some phases of the project will be messier than others – demolition, plastering, floor sanding. Heat the house without your furnace if possible, or completely block the warm-air and cold-air returns in the construction area. If you don’t, you’ll just be pulling dust from that section of the house into the part where you’re living. Consult an HVAC company before blocking ducts to make sure your furnace will still work effectively.

We do leave the jobsite as clean as possible at the end of your project, yet many clients budget for a cleaning crew to come in at the end of the job to make your improved home really sparkle.

Expect The Unexpected – Unexpected change orders and slight delays may happen due to surprises that may pop up like irregular framing, incorrect plumbing or faulty electrical, rot, mold, asbestos, etc.  We try to anticipate every possible issue lurking behind the walls, but you can never fully predict until you open them up.  This is a normal part of remodeling.  We provide the solutions and help you to make an informed choice.

Delays - Snow falls, people get sick, cars break down and sometimes faucets ordered from the factory take 10 weeks instead of six. We all like to work from a schedule that assumes the world is a perfect place. It’s not, and knowing that will allow you to be resilient when your schedule shifts a bit. 

Outliers - At the end of your project, expect one or two punch-list items that will take longer to resolve than anything else. It may be a light fixture that arrives broken or the very last two pieces of tile. The important thing is to get the final details right, even if they take a little longer.

Renovation Is A Process - We will be working together as partners to build your vision in a timely manner. We will keep you as informed as possible about what to expect each day or week. If you have questions or concerns please let us know so we can address the issues right away. Some phases of the project appear to move quickly – you’ll see big results while we are demolishing or framing. If other trades are working on your home (electrician, plumber, flooring, HVAC, etc.), there may be a day or so of down time while we are coordinating and scheduling the next phase. The finish phases can be more detailed and take more time so it may be harder to detect what we have accomplished.  Please be assured that we are hard at work. The crackfilling stage can appear to drag on as crackfilling is applied in layers and requires drying time between each application. Weather and humidity in a home can affect the drying time significantly. Sometimes clients hit “a threshold” with the process. You’ll be ready to have your home back neat and clean, without us being in it.  It may feel daunting at times. Please remember it is much better to do a good job than to do the job quickly and cut corners.   All of this is a normal part of the process and if you can have a little patience, you will be in your new and improved home shortly!

Renovation Can Cost More Than You Think - You’ll get an estimate before work begins, and a reputable contractor such as CI Design will do their best to stick as close to that figure as possible. But you should always be prepared for the worst when it comes to financing a renovation project. Once the project starts, you may find something new you want done, or surprises such a faulty wiring, rot, mold, etc. can be discovered once walls are opened up. To keep from being financially overwhelmed, make sure you have a cushion beyond the remodeling estimate.

Expect To Become A Master Of Decision Making – On the upside there will be a lot of decisions to be made which is often the fun part.  Where do you want the outlet; how do you want the cabinet hardware mounted; do you want chrome, oil rubbed bronze or satin nickel? We are here to guide you every step of the way. Some decisions can seem obvious however if there are any particular choices that are extremely important to you please make sure you let us know to ensure the final outcome meets your expectations.  For example height and placement of towel bars, finishes and style of hardware, grout color, etc.

You'll Be Glad You Hired The Insured Guy - Sure, going with the pro who's licensed and insured sometimes costs more, but when one of the crew falls or gets hurt, you'll be glad you played it safe.  We carry a five million dollar liability insurance, Worker’s Compensation coverage, we are enrolled in a safety program, and all our employees are badged and criminally record checked, all for your safety and peace of mind.

Warranties Create Peace Of Mind – Workmanship warranty is only as reliable as the contractor you’ve hired. That’s why trust and reputation are such important factors. You are investing your hard earned money into your renovation and we want to give you peace of mind by ensuring that we are here long after the renovations are completed.  Your entire renovation is covered for all labour and all products supplied by us.  Warranties vary depending on the renovation and we will continue to help customers outside of the warranty period as customer service is important to us.  Products such as windows and doors can carry a lifetime warranty that is transferrable and includes accidental glass breakage.   Your warranty will be stated on your contract.

Plan On Time To Put Your House Back Together - Once we are finished with your project, you will still have a bit of “work” to do – final touches that are beyond the scope of our work such as moving furniture back into room(s) or restoring landscaping that may have been disturbed on exterior projects. We are here to be of service! Please let us know how we can make the renovation process more comfortable for you. We look forward to a successful renovation of your home.

Ask Us What To Expect Before The Process Begins – When you hire CI Design as your contractor, just remember to ask all of these questions and find out as much information as you can before you start the project.  When you are prepared for noise, dust, time frames, and the unexpected, your renovations will be less stressful.

Excitement - There are also moments of joy along this renovation journey! Fresh paint on the walls, the new hardwood flooring, cabinets installed, fireplace lighting up, five-star chandelier finally up – making it all worthwhile.

Celebration! – You have survived your renovation and are so thrilled with the result that you are ready to enjoy your new home and share it with your family and friends.  Time to throw a party!!!  It’s gratifying for everyone to see a beautifully finished home filled with people enjoying themselves.

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