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  • Mark was great to work with and we are absolutely pleased and satisfied with the installation of the doors. - Shaun

  • Josh did excellent work, please extend that to the owners and he was very professional as well. We're very satisfied and would be recommending your company to others. Thanks again - Paul

  • Many thanks. Ellen and I are so glad we found you guys. Lots of things in the future. Glad you will be part of it. Thanks -Larry

  • ​I had an instinctive feeling, when I met both you and Peter, that I could depend on you, and especially work with you both. You both seemed focused, and most importantly [to me]is that both of you seem VERY practical, and ethical. I am a firm believer in supporting small business when the trade off is good value for your $$, WITHOUT the excessive unnecessary extravagance and $$being exploited. I already passed your name around late yesterday at a cocktail gathering we were at. - Sue

  • I am very pleased with the job that Mark and Steve did – they went above and beyond.  Great client service skills as well.   Really impressed me since that is what I do for a living.  - Angie

  • ​​We are extremely satisfied with the deck.  You and your team did an excellent job at  fixing the pleased.  :)   She won't be moving now......and we all know that this is how it should have been done the first time. - Nancy

  • We recently had new countertops installed and we are SO pleased with them!  Their team is always courteous and professional and always very prompt with responding to emails or phone calls.  My countertops were fairly complicated and their craftsmanship and attention to detail was amazing!  I would always highly recommend Trudy and her team - Jaime

  • THANK YOU!!!!  I love my bathroom!  It's amazing what a little caulking and paint (from professional) can do.  It's beautiful.  I can't wait to have the mirror and cabinet up.  I put the light up so it wouldn't be dangling until the guys came over but I think they will need to make sure I did it right and it's secure.  - Josee

  •  I just wanted to say thanks again for everything. We LOVE the changes to the bathroom! We hope to finish painting our cabinet this week and be back to a full functional bathroom in the next couple of days. I will send along some pictures.  It is really coming together! ​Thanks again to you and your whole crew :) - Pam

  • ​I just wanted to pass along my thanks regarding the window installation last week.  The gentlemen that you sent out, I unfortunately forget their names, were wonderful.  I have never had the pleasure of dealing with two very pleasant and honest individuals before.  They worked well together and were great company as they completed their work.  Nothing was rushed, safety appeared to be top priority and they were extremely tidy.  Being a mother with two small children home that day, I was extremely impressed by the fact that they did not cuss while on the job and were polite and interactive with my children when they poked their heads around the corner to see what all the fuss was about.  The window looks really nice and with a coat of paint around the trim it is going to be a great feature to our home.  Thank you for the wonderful work, we look forward to dealing with your company again in the future.  - Marcie

  • ​Trudy, just wanted to say thank-you for all your efforts with respect to the Hunter Douglas blinds. Your service was absolutely excellent and it is so nice to have them all repaired. I know HD was frustrating to deal with but you were excellent with them and with keeping me in the loop. You, Peter and Tyler were always so pleasant and flexible. Thanks so much!​ - Diane

  • I have recommended CI Designs to my friends since they have installed my windows, I had 5 windows replaced in ny 2 storey home. I felt that they went above when they did the actual restoration. Taking caution with all the area that they worked in by protecting flooring as well as they were very good with cleanup. I checked out pricing with a lot of competitors and this company delivered the best price and quality.  I believe the service was great and they worked at a great pace and exceeded my expectations. They are a great family owned business and I'm sure you will be pleased with the work if you hire them. - Trudi and Gordon

  • Great job!  You guys were fantastic and very easy to deal with.  I'm recommending you to every single person I can think of that needs anything like this done.  Thank you very much.  - Wayne

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