CI Design and Renovation Inc.  

CI Design and Renovation Inc.

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Project Management....

Project Management Is A Great Option For Busy Homeowners Or Inexperienced Renovators.  With The Expertise Of A Project Manager, The Entire Renovation Process Will Run Smoothly, Cost-Effectively, and Guarantees Reliable Experienced Trades Persons That Will Do A Professional Job Every Time.

Project Manager Responsibilities and Benefits...

  • Hiring and Scheduling Of all Sub Contractors Required For Renovation
  • Experience and Insight Into The Build Will Pre-Empt Many Issues Before They Arise
  • Create A Smooth Flow Of  Work To Eliminate Delays With Timely and Efficient Logistics and Day-To-Day Running
  • An Extensive Range Of Contacts And Sources Of Materials  
  • Ordering and Supply Of All Materials
  • Scheduling  Of Deliveries
  • ​Responsible For Permits
  • Responsible For All Warranties
  • Management Of Job Site
  • Disposal Of All Waste Materials​
  • Payment To One Provider Only
  • Contractor Is Responsible for Insurance and Health and Safety Coverage For All Trades
  • Hassle Free Time and Commitment Saving For Homeowner